Living OnBrand with Kim & Glenda

Episode 1: Say YES to Yourself!

December 20, 2022 Kimberly Henderson Season 1 Episode 1
Living OnBrand with Kim & Glenda
Episode 1: Say YES to Yourself!
Show Notes

In this first episode, we will share our inspiration for launching the podcast and our commitment to creating a vibrant platform for uplifting and encouraging women who want to live authentically - with courage and confidence. 

As we introduce ourselves to our new listening community,  we will discuss compelling aspects of our own journeys as women seeking to define and embrace our unique personal brands. 

During our Woman to Watch interview segment, Marcie Carroll will join us and share her story of courage and strength as she says "yes" to herself and transitions into a bold new chapter of life. 

We will close with an invitation and call to action for our listening audience to bring their voice into future podcasts during the Community Voice segment. 

We recognize that our movement only becomes meaningful when we collectively share our triumphs, honor our fears, disrupt hurtful narratives, and elevate the truth of women who are creating positive impact in our world every day.

OnBrand Women is the premier Personal Growth Accelerator for driven women. Here, you’ll learn how to ignite your inner compass, solidify what you stand for, and bring your most authentic self to the forefront of your life.

Our lifestyle products respond to the growing desire among women to:

  • Identify and reclaim their life purpose.
  • Live confidently Achieve their goals.
  • Take control of their destinies.
  • Recognize and rise above the systemic challenges of institutionalized sexism, racism, health disparities and economic inequity.

Alongside a supportive community of women, we’ll show you how to accelerate your growth and achieve meaningful impact. Through guided introspection, an evidence-based curriculum, and collective wisdom, you’ll discover how to live fully in the radiant truth of who you are.

This is you: On purpose. On fire. On brand. OnBrand Women.